Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Saga of the Pea Green Bookshelves

In college, Kari bought a black entertainment center, so my roommate contribution was to buy two black media shelves to store things for the entertainment center. They were cheap, bought more for the functionality of a few years of moving around rather than permanence. And they've served us well, but at Christmas we bought a brown entertainment center, which doesn't match black shelves. I thought about selling them, then ended up just moving them.

But then I started thinking, since I'm not so very attached to them, maybe I could paint them my favorite color and love them. (My favorite color is the shade of green of this flower vase.)

So I painted them. First with a spray paint, which turned a perfect shade of green. But after barely making a dent with two cans of spray paint, and upon discovering that all paint stores were out of that shade of spray paint, I decided to match the color with normal paint.

 Except, of course, I didn't pick the exact same color.  I'm not such a fan of how they turned out. The green is a little too yellowish green for me, and reminds me this much of baby food.
I haven't put the shelves back, so you'll have to use your imagination.

But that's okay! Because its not like its a completely heinous color, and the shelves were never expensive to begin with, so they are what they are.

And because I had to unload all of my photo albums to paint the shelves, I figured I would go ahead and pick them up, since photo albums are not anything of daily use. So, SADNESS, here are our first packed boxes:


Virginia said...

I like the color. Once you fill the shelves, it won't be so obnoxious. Use neutral accents like black, white, brown, and grey.

I appreciate your packed boxes. We're moving a week from tomorrow and I wish I had more packed!

Allison said...

Yeah, I think you're right about the accents. I'm not sure what we'll put in the shelves either, so that will make a difference. You should come be my personal decorator.