Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello free time

This week is a holiday in South Korea (HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) and all of my classes, parties, and thesis responsibilities cease to exist, and we no longer have company, thus yesterday I had a whole day to do nothing but what I wanted to do for the first time in what felt like 10 years.

So last night I watched a random show for the heck of it, and I happened to land on Extreme Couponing. Talk about a stressful experience. For one, these people spend hours planning their shopping experience. I am pretty neutral about grocery shopping (unless going to the Wilmington Wal-Mart, in which case, I hate it, although I recognize it as a necessary evil). I occasionally make a list, but usually only if Tim has requested certain things, which makes it mandatory I'd forget something otherwise. I mean, I don't even make lists for things I want to cook. I usually just bring in the whole cookbook. I admire these people for spending hours planning their purchases, but I think I felt a fraction more anxiety than respect.

Anyway, for two, these people have to stockpile a zillion things in their houses. I wanted to clean out my cabinets just thinking about it. For three, now I feel like I'm spending way too much on groceries. These people could get $1,000 tabs down below 50 dollars.

There was one guy who couponed to send supplies to the troops, and that I could get behind, because there really would be a reason to buy 23 tubes of toothpaste. And like I said, I admire these people on some level, but I don't think I'll be watching the show again (unless it happens to be on and I won't be able to look away).

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