Sunday, October 23, 2011

The other side of the J CREW story

The downside of the J CREW sale was that I had seen the movie Contagion, aka A Public Service Announcement to Wash Your Hands and Stop Touching Your Face, a few days before going. I couldn't help but think that if one person had a contagious, deadly disease and shopped at the sale, all of Durham would be dead. Think of all the clothes one person would touch at a sample sale, then how many other people would touch the clothes he/she touched, etc. etc.

But I wasn't too scared, because after the movie I played Pandemic with friends (a board game where you either save or fail-to-save the world from 4 strains of a deadly virus) and we totally won. Plus, I work at the 2nd best school of public health, so maybe my connection to the dean would be beneficial given a dire situation. But maybe not.

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Tom Frase said...

Funny. Just watch a show tonight with Mike Rowe about all the things that grow and live on our bodies. You should be worried!