Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lambeau, 3.5 months

Our 32 pound dog has officially received all of his vaccines and is ready to conquer the world.

What sets Lambeau apart from other dogs:
1) He squeals and grunts and wags his whole body when he is happy to see you.
2) He will spend a lot of time trying to crawl in your lap if you are sitting down. (Literally, crawl. He's very agile on two legs, and then will try to push himself up from there.)
3) He loves all of the dogs at the dog park. His favorite thing to do is wrestle in holes that he digs under benches. When it's time to go, he runs to the very back so you have to chase him.
4) He's a ladies man, and will follow women around before he gives men the time of day. (He likes men too, but he prefers the ladies.)

 Noble dog
 Shark dog.
Cuddle dog


laura said...

AWW! He looks so much like Berkley! I hope they will get a chance to meet someday! I hope you two are doing well! Can't wait to see you soon!!!

Allison said...

I've thought that Lambeau and Berkley would get along before :) I also hope they get to meet someday. We'll try to make that happen!