Sunday, October 4, 2009

In my book design class, I'm putting together a zine. Since I'm not a poet, and I don't have any other short bits of writing I wish to "publish," I've decided to write a love letter to Fayetteville.

That makes me curious - what is your favorite place in Fayetteville?

And thanks to Virginia for this:


Amanda said...

Old Main. I LOVE walking through the lawn, especially in fall when the leaves are changing, and I even loved having classes in that building. OH how I miss it! And you :)

Virginia said...

The student section on gameday.

The insane number of Sonics


Christmas Lights at the Square

The animal statues at Gator Golf

And, since my blog post I have realized that a few people I know have Frase protection at their houses. I know they are who I would call if I need protection!

Brian said...

Tim's on the square, Little Bread Co, La Huerta, Greenhouse grill, taste of thai- great local food!

Allison said...

Greek Theatre, Old Main or anywhere on campus

the Square at Christmas time

does the bluebird factory count as Fayetteville?

I asked James what he thought and he said "all the crazy people who live in Fayetteville", so maybe you could throw some tree huggers into your book