Monday, March 2, 2009

Yesterday, Tim and I celebrated "Be a Tourist in Your Own City" day by checking out the local battleship for free. Unfortunately, it was in the low 30s and raining continuously, but you can't beat seeing history for free when it normally has a 12 dollar price ticket. I decided if I were to have a job in the ship, I would want to work for the medic typing up reports.

It made me truly have respect for the Navy and engineers. I could not get my head around the vehicle, and we lost our bearings several times within the ship. The fact that they had this thing in the 1940s blew my mind.

I followed up this endeavor by trying out Carolina BBQ. I'm definitely not a fan. I don't like my meat so wet, which is how I would describe it.

Tim and I also, apparently, are in a stage in life where we continually forget to bring our camera places, so alas, I have no pictures to prove this happened.

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