Sunday, March 22, 2009

Things that happen when you get your hair cut at a place that advertises: "Not your Grandma's beauty parlor"
1) You will sit among people trying on animal inspired clothes for a fashion show. This will include blue sequences spandex and dressed that tie on.
2) A man next to you will insist on getting his hair cut like The Mentalist's, even if the hairdresser doesn't know who that is.
3) Your hairdresser will be attempting to fix the eyes on her raccoon head, made completely from human hair, for the fashion show that night (apparently the themes were all animal inspired).
4) You will get 7 1/2 inches cut off, because the hair dresser insists 8 inches is too short, thus preventing you from donating it. But you'll like it anyways, because it's spring, and you're ready for a change.

5) You also might walk by and be in the pilot for some new WB show.


Les said...

love the hair!!! Your blog looks great too!! I'm glad you and Virg had a good time!

Livieloo said...

I love your hair!