Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today, my family sprung ahead not just one hour, but two.

I find the story rather humorous.

As my dad is a pastor, it's, you know, somewhat important that he arrives at church on time. He was a bit worried about setting an alarm, however, since he normally uses his phone. He knew phones are suppose to automatically update, but there wasn't a guarantee it would happen by 5:30 in the morning, the time he planned on waking up.

He first asks if he can uses my mom's alarm, a normal clock, to make sure. But, thankfully, he discovered he can manually set the time on his phone, instead on relying on the cellphone network, so he goes to sleep confident that his alarm is set.

My mom never got the memo he wasn't using her clock, and went ahead and adjusted the time, planning to wake up later than my dad.

Unfortunately, cell phones automatically update, regardless of whether you have manually set the time or not. So, while my dad manually set the phone ahead, the cellphone network helped him and pushed the time ahead yet another hour.

When my Dad wakes up at 5:30, which is actually 4:30, he sees my mom's clock and knows that she hasn't set it ahead an hour (which she actually had). No panic there, he goes ahead and gets ready.

He then walks into the kitchen and notices the clocks are two hours behind what his phone says. No big problem there, he figures my mom or I actually pushed the clocks back an hour instead of ahead an hour. He quickly fixes the problem by pushing those clocks ahead 2 hours as well.

At 9:30, Mom wakes me up in a panic. She says I have overslept, and she is running behind too, because she doesn't know where the time had gone. She thought she had plenty of it, until she looked at the clock and it was, oh no, past nine!

I, half asleep, look at my cellphone and see it is 7:30 in the morning. This is greatly confusing, as I was just told it was 9:30. Even if my phone hadn't reset, it would still be 8:30.

CNN confirmed the truth: it was 8:30 central time. Dad realized his mistake once he got in the car, and spent the extra hour it cleaning on the way to church. He apparently didn't think to let Mom and I in on the mistake, but thankfully there was less than 10 minutes of panic and confusion.
It just goes to show, the mornings are hard.

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