Saturday, March 8, 2008

I went home last night, just to enjoy a weekend with my parents (especially as they had snow and we didn't). I sat down for a little while, chatted about casual things, then my Dad mentioned there was an envelope from Memphis in the kitchen.

My heart sank. I had read on a blog that Memphis had called someone to notify them of their acceptance by phone, so I knew it had to be a rejection. I had gotten a similar looking one just a little before from George Mason.

I told them I didn't want to open it. Dad said it did look like a form letter, or else he would have already opened it. So, I waited a few minutes until I went to the kitchen for a diet coke, because a rejection letter wasn't worth the trip.

I opened it slowly, and skimmed the first line to look for the "we regret to inform you." Instead I saw something about, "we are glad to welcome you..." 

I ran into the living room and said it wasn't a rejection. I couldn't read the rest of the letter, so I handed it to my dad, who confirmed it was indeed an acceptance!

I immediately called Tim, who was in the middle of hearing Anderson Cooper and couldn't exactly talk. Oh well, not everything can be climatic. 

I am still waiting on, oh, 10 other schools or so, so it's not over yet.  Until then, I hope I sleep more than I have.

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