Friday, June 25, 2010

Okay. It's probably not a big secret that I love pop music. It's not the only thing I listen to, but if my CD player told you how many times I've listened to "Hips Don't Lie," you might be slightly appalled.

So, now here is a blog feature in which I make a list of things I wish to tell the pop community.

1) I love Lady Gaga as much as the next person, but I'm really tired of her telling me what I can't do in her songs. First, she claims I can't read her poker face, then she tells me not to call her telephone, and now she's telling me (or Alejandro, but really, what's the difference) not to call her name. What can I do, Lady Gaga? Let's focus on the positive, and quit telling me what to do. ("Paparazzi," however, is it goes, garage glamorous, even if it is about stalking.)

2) Miley Cyrus, why are you growing up? Don't you realize you have the tween market at your fingertips? That your main competition is Justin Beiber, and his dad isn't Billy Ray AND he didn't have his own Disney show.  MILEY, SELL OUT. Be Disney's star. You'll make so much money in a few years you can join a nudist colony if you wished! Plus, I read somewhere you can't even name a Jay-Z song, when everyone knows "99 Problems" is one of the world's best song.


I'll leave it at that for now.

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