Sunday, February 10, 2008

5 things I learned this weekend:

1) You apparently really need 2 sets of silverware... or at least, so says the lady at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. In fact, she was adamant about it. You never know when guests are going to look down upon your current set of silverware, so it’s really best to have a set for special occasions.

2) Lacrosse is a brutal sport. I might not be able to see the ball most of the time, but I can sure hear those hits.

3) All of the Batman movies do not connect. Apparently, Batman Begins means everything starts over. Who knew?

4) Kansas really is conservative.

5) If a person yells the s word at a basketball game, the police might warn you, “if you say it again, you’re going to get kicked out,” but what he really means is, “I’m going to throw you out anyway, I’m just going to wait a minute in between this warning and really doing it.” Or at least that’s what happened to the guy standing behind me.

(Not that I am for people who scream obscenities, I think they should be kicked out. I just find it interesting that the police feel the need to warn you, and then a minute later come back up, disregard the warning and go ahead and kick you out anyway.)

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