Friday, October 12, 2007

Recently, I purchased a new backpack. I thought this was appropriate as my old one didn't zip. I personally kind of liked the risk of my whole life falling out as I walked, but everyone telling me my backpack was unzipped was starting to get a little old. So, after the day someone stopped their car on Maple (a busy street next to the University of Arkansas) to tell me I needed to zip my backpack, I thought it was time for a change.

Thus, I bought a too-expensive trendy backpack. The good news is it has a lot of compartments. That's also the bad news.

Without realizing it, this is what I've been carrying around with me for the past week (simply because I never checked the pouch and forgot to get it out)

1) A banana
2) A bowl in which I heated up canned corn
3) Season four of 24
4) Empty diet coke bottle
5) A book of stamps and several envelopes
6) A (heavy) book not needed for class
7) A bag of unpopped popcorn

I thought that was pretty impressive, considering I've owned the backpack for only 2 weeks.


Brian said...

Frase! I have the same problem with a too-many-pocketed backpack... things just get lost for weeks at a time, or it takes entirely to long to put things away and retrieve them... Alas, you will adjust... or probably just start throwing everything into one pouch and ignoring all the pockets... good luck

BigFootFool said...

awww frase you should have kept the old crappy backpack... I've had the same backpack since freshman year of high school and I intend to go all through college with it. It's awesome... The straps aren't even properly secured, I had to tie them together.

this is your friend Bob in his sports blogging personality